M+C Residence

Architecture + Interior Design






Taylor Landscaping & Tim Davies Landscaping

Interior Stylist & Decorator

Gabriel Bernardi - Coote & Bernardi (UK)


Joel Barbitta


2018 The Architect - Autumn


2018 RAIA Award - Residential (WA)

Located in Perth’s Mosman Park and yielding 180-degree Swan River views, M&C Residence’s design is firmly rooted in its stunning setting and the 13 metre cliff it nestles into. On one side of the cliff, the home sits propped up on the shoulders of a mass wall, whilst it is hugged by it on the other.

The site’s strength and vigor are emulated in the articulated concrete base that provides the home with both stability and privacy, which is contrasted with the lightness of its glazed top level. The strength and discretion of the design makes the house look like its hovering over the water yet still lain into its landscape.

Some houses are all about the setting, yet while the design of this contemporary home took a cue from the landscape, the views inside are equally inspiring.

There are two ways to enter the home - the family entry to the east, and the main entrance to the west of the house via the narrow leg of the block. Beautifully landscaped with a gated entry court and accompanied by the sound of trickling water, it is a quiet, calm and discreet welcome.

Inside, the design of the home concentrates on providing its owners with a discreet single level living space comprising of a master bedroom, ensuite and living areas that span spectacular river views.

Mid-level is dedicated to guests and designed with future occupants in mind. Comprising of a bedroom and study, it includes a living area which can be converted into bedrooms to suit a family. Beneath and at the bottom of the cliff is a monolithic concrete base that houses a generous garage.

The home is infused with calm and serenity thanks to clean lines and a neutral palette. Specialist custom-built hardware along with bespoke crafted elements bring austere and beautiful layers into the minimalist spaces. An English decorator brought to the project provides yet another refined layer of detail.

Each space is provided direct access to external courtyards and terraces that invite natural light to seep in, allowing a sense of transparency, light, cross ventilation and a deep connection to the sky and river.

Thoughtful landscaping not only softens the lines of the home but helps settle the structure seamlessly into its landscape, beautifully blurring the delineation between house, earth, river and sky. It also provides privacy from neighbouring homes whilst screening devices regulate sun, wind and rain.